Welcome to Hereford


     For nearly two centuries, the village of Hereford has played a central role in the lives of North County citizens.  Records indicate that by 1850, a variety of services were already available to local residents as well as to travelers on the York Turnpike.  Businesses at that time included a post office, several churches and inns, a butcher, blacksmith, dentist, undertaker, barber, and lodge halls and even a newspaper. 

Remember When?

*The Hereford Volunteer Fire Company was the  
   only protection organization covering Northern
   Baltimore County  from Maryland Line to
   Cockeysville and from Harford County to Carroll County.
*The fun shared during the August Carnivals
   sponsored by the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company
*Nightly entertainment was the freewheeling
   conversations between local residents who
   congregated in the two local grocery stores.
*The Fosters’ Cemetery was the site of the first
   Methodist Church building in 1777.
*A powder mill was operated beside a stream that runs
   from the rear of Hereford High School down to the
   Gunpowder River.
*The Hereford Baptist Church was established in 1842

Rural Town Center


By virtue of its history and strategic location, Hereford is the rural town center for Northern Baltimore County.  Recognizing its importance in May 1991, the Baltimore County Council adopted a community plan for Hereford called the Hereford Plan as part of the Baltimore County Master Plan.  The Hereford Plan was implemented “to provide for growth in a manner which protects and enhances the unique character of the town and which is environmentally responsible.”

Hereford Today


More than one hundred and sixty years later, the Hereford Area still enjoys much of its rural charm.  Gently rolling lands, wonderful neighbors, friendly merchants and great public schools make the area a highly desirable place to live, work and play.